Summer: Classes run year-round

Classes always run all year-round!

Classes run year-round. That’s right! So much fun to look forward to this summer! No summer ‘break’ with only a few exceptions* below. Offering parent-child, preschool, beginner, rec, pre-team, and team classes all year long, including summer & weekends!

*The few notable exceptions this SUMMER 2020:

  • Memorial Day: gym closed holiday
  • July 4 holiday: gym closed holiday
  • Parent-child & preschool classes cancelled these days: July 13, 16, 17, 27, 30, & 31 (no charge due to camps).
  • Gymnastics @TFHCC takes a break July 1 – 31, 2020 (no charge).

NO NEED TO RE-ENROLL IF YOU’RE ALREADY IN A CLASS. All students continue year-round, no (re-) enrollment needed. The current class schedule and policies continue all year long including summer. If you’d like to stop enrollment, simply provide the normal 30-days written notice. See schedule PDF for class times, enrollment dependent so check back often. Changes made only if enrollment warrants.

Our weekly schedule gives parent-child, beginners, older girls, pre-team, rec and competitive team gymnasts practice time to perfect skills during those long, hot summer days. Great for more advanced gymnasts needing year-round practice.