Adult Fit-Nastics Gymnastics

IMG_6996Join us for a fast-paced hour working towards that solid gymnast body. Gymnastics skills mixed with the significant functional strength conditioning needed specifically for adults to do gymnastics safely. Teens also welcome (ages 16+). Events: floor, bars, vault, beam, rings, trampoline. Climbing rope, stall bars, Tumbl Trak & state-of-the-art conditioning equipment included. CrossFit fans love this class for the gymnastics skills like handstands, kips, and standing back tucks.

Skills include: handstands, handstand walks, muscle ups, standing back tucks, cartwheels, back extension rolls, headstands, presses, round offs, swings and pullovers. Your special requests welcome. Stretches, flexibility, balance, agility, coordination, body position/alignment and strength conditioning also emphasized. Adults receive a superior warm-up to aid in gymnastics safety.

Coaches will rotate among all wonderful TG staff! You’ll get to try different coaching styles and approaches while getting a fantastic workout.

Buzz Feed Logo (11 4 15)WATCH this fun Facebook video from BuzzFeed! Sure to make you smile before class.

***SPECIAL INTRO!  Registration fee waived through June 2019 ($47 value).  $45/month; drop-ins $15/class. Come get fit with amazing coaches!

ADULT CLASSES on hold; check back for updates.