The BEST part of this gym is the coaching. Hands-down awesome coaches. Along with outstanding experience and talent, coaches have cleared a thorough background check through USA Gymnastics or Live Scan via the DOJ (Department of Justice) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) or both. Coaches are also required to be USAG members in good standing, SafeSport certified by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) which provides important training about the nature of misconduct in sport and gives staff actionable information to better protect athletes, and many carry current certification in CPR/First Aid. In addition coaches earn continuing education credits through online courses, attending USA Gymnastics Congress and USAG clinics during the year. Staff meets for internal training so we can bring to you the best coaching, technique and class programs.

Liz Robinson – Owner / Coach

Liz was a gymnast and collegiate diver and has been coaching both sports for over 20 years. Growing up just outside of Chicago, she began her gymnastics career at age 2. She was a competitive level 9 gymnast before entering high school, where she then applied her skills to springboard diving and competed in both sports. She attended Illinois State University on a diving scholarship and graduated with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. She has been coaching both sports, at all levels, since 2002. Liz moved to Truckee in 2011 with her husband Colin, and they started their family raising two children. Liz has coached diving for the Rec Center and formerly managed the lululemon athletica showroom in downtown Truckee. Liz has coached for Truckee Gymnastics since 2011.

Aussie H.

Ever since 2005 Aussie has coached gymnastics. Her talents range from preschool recreational classes through compulsory team and in 2010 became a certified USAG National Gymnastics Competitive Judge. Aussie has coached multiple state champions while still maintaining her sense of fun in the gym. When not in the gym you’ll find Aussie enjoying her family, backpacking, and camping. She is excited to be in Tahoe after having spent many years in the Bay area.  Aussie has coached for Truckee Gymnastics since 2017.

FUN FACT:  ‘I’ve been writing my own poetry since I was 8 years old and have even made a book of all my work by hand.  In the near future, I hope to professionally publish my book that’s filled with 200+ pieces in it.’. -Aussie

Cayden R.

At age 9, Cayden began taking gymnastics here at Truckee Gymnastics. She took recreational classes for several years and at age 12, Cayden joined Truckee Gymnastics Xcel Competitive Team. As a USA Gymnastics Athlete Member, she competed with the Truckee Gymnastics Competitive team beginning 2015 and qualified for Xcel States Championships every year since 2016. Following her competition years with Truckee Gymnastics, Cayden began coaching for Truckee Gymnastics in camps, parent-child classes, preschool, rec, team, birthday parties and other events. She has a delightful upbeat approach and truly enjoys coaching gymnastics. Cayden’s knowledge of current gymnastics allows her to understand and help gymnasts she works with. While not at the gym, you’ll find Cayden hanging out with friends and studying Interior Design. Cayden has coached for Truckee Gymnastics since 2018.

Julie H.

Julie is a gifted and experienced gymnast and coach. Julie grew up in Atlanta, GA and competed through Level 8. Through coaching, she has continued her passion for gymnastics. Julie began coaching recreational classes in high school and continued coaching rec and team in college at the University of Georgia. Julie loves gymnastics and wanted to be involved in the gymnastics world so after graduating with a Bachelor of Education, she coached after work when she could. Gymnastics is definitely a part of Julie and has been her entire life. Since moving to California recently, she’s excited to continue her gymnastics journey at Truckee Gymnastics! Julie has coached at Truckee Gymnastics since 2021.

Kate B.
Front Desk Ambassador

Kate is the first friendly face you’ll see when you enter the gym AND she loves to sub coach when she can (and she’s GREAT at it too)!

Kate is a native Nevadan and participated in sports throughout her youth. Growing up as a competitive swimmer and soccer player, Kate learned how vital both hard work and dedication are. She also learned the importance of individual and team sports for children. With her massage and physical therapy background, she has working knowledge of the human body and how it functions. When Kate is not at the gym, she loves taking her dog on walks, riding her road bike, practicing yoga, and continuing her education including USAG certification courses. She is excited to bring her charismatic and bubbly personality to the gym every day! Kate has been at Truckee Gymnastics since 2022.

Jen C.

Jen is an energetic and enthusiastic coach! She trained in gymnastics for 7 year in California, then trained in Sports Acro for 2 more years. A natural athlete, Jen has been heavily involved in club sports like volleyball, gymnastics, snowboarding, and biking. Jen has coached several youth sports like racquetball, volleyball, and snowboarding. When not in the gym you’ll find Jen on the slopes! Jen has been at Truckee Gymnastics since 2022.

Nikko K.

Nikko has been in gymnastics, cheer and dance for years. Growing up in the gym he competed at a high level in Illinois. Nikko has coached boys competitive JO teams through level 10 and girls JO to level 5 and went to world championships for both dance and cheer. Nikko is high energy, FUN, brings a wealth of experience to Truckee Gymnastics, and is a talented inspirational coach for all ages from Toddlers through rec and competitive team. Nikko has coached at Truckee Gymnastics since 2022.

Luna H.

Luna started gymnastics as a young child here at Truckee Gymnastics. She competed for Deltchev Gymnastics in Reno finishing her competitive career in Xcel Gold Division. Luna has a bright and bubbly personality in the gym, loves this sport, and has been at Truckee Gymnastics since 2022.

Kristi T.

Kristi was a Level 8/9 competitive gymnast and competitive dancer growing up in Boston. In college Kristi was a competitive diver for Syracuse University. She also teaches Barre classes in Tahoe and was certified in the Daily Method in 2011. Kristi is a talented Content Designer and UX Copywriter. Children are eager to hear her advice because she is a thoughtful and dedicated coach. Kristi has been at Truckee Gymnastics since 2022.

Callie S.

Callie began taking classes here when she was little. She went on to become a successful Level 8 competitive gymnast retiring from competition in 2022. Callie is responsible, respectful, and kind. She is always smiling and consistently says hello and makes everyone feel welcome. She is also on the Truckee High tennis team and a straight A student! Children are naturally drawn towards her and she provides great coaching advice based on her years in the gym. Callie has been at Truckee Gymnastics since 2022.

gymnastics truckee caMack W.
Coach In Training

Mack is a high level competitive skier and trampoline pro. He’s trained with the best nationally and brings his passion for athletic excellence and air awareness to gymnastics. Born and raised in Truckee Mack enjoys coaching children of all ages and abilities. Mack has been at Truckee Gymnastics since 2022.

gymnastics school truckee caSUBS: we LOVE and appreciate all our experienced & helpful Coach Subs! These wonderful coaches give all our staff a break when we need it most!

          • Lucia L. (since 2011)
          • Christina G. (since 2014)
          • Paige C. (since 2021)
          • Kaya S. (since 2021)
          • Kloey S. (since 2021)
          • Abbie K. (since 2021)
          • Rosemary W. (since 2021)
          • Nassim B. (since 2022)
          • Rachel D. (since 2022)