Team Classes

IMG_6865As a USA Gymnastics Member Club, Truckee Gymnastics offers recreational, pre-competitive and competitive team gymnastics for advanced athletes. All team programs promote strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence, fitness and fun while providing an advanced and challenging skill level. While recreational classes are fitting for anyone, pre-competitive and competitive team require a serious annual commitment to gymnastics and an invitation to join after a qualified coach evaluation. Truckee Gymnastics offers a strong pre-team program that prepares gymnasts for a successful competitive team experience starting at age 3. Competitive USAG programs offered include both Xcel (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and Women’s Junior Olympic (JO) program (L3+). Social activities that bring both rec and competitive teams together include sleepovers, fundraisers and camps. Curriculum follows the USA Gymnastics safety guidelines.

What is Xcel?

Recreational Team Gymnastics (Levels 2 - 5)

Recreational Team Gymnastics offers students ready for a challenge a more advanced level of gymnastics. Higher level skills & challenging tumbling sequences are introduced in safe progression, including handsprings (front/back), tucks, cartwheel on beam, kips, back walkovers, back hip circles and flyaways as athletes continue to build strength, endurance, flexibility and agility. Gymnasts wishing to compete may be invited to move into our pre-competitive and competitive team programs after evaluation, coach invitation & a trial period.

Many gymnasts may only want to take gymnastics once or twice a week for a year or two. They may want to play other sports, and dance, and act, and sing, and travel… That’s OK! Gymnastics can be fun for anyone, regardless of their natural talent or level of commitment. No matter what level, our rec and comp team programs are designed to provide each and every child with a unique experience that is both fun and rewarding!

All students have the opportunity to learn the same skills as our competitive team gymnasts, but must do so with less practice hours per week so the proper skill progression is slower. With all our gymnasts, safety is always the first priority. Coaches take into consideration a child’s strength, flexibility, and mental readiness before beginning to teach a new, more difficult skill.

Level 2 REC/EXHIBITION Team - Girls

Level 3 REC/EXHIBITION Team - Girls

Levels 4-5 REC/EXHIBITION Team - Girls (Tue & Thu Mandatory)

Competitive & Pre-Team Gymnastics

Truckee Gymnastics’ competitive program offers both a pre-competitive developmental track (ages 3 – 8, JO L2-3 COMP TEAM) and a competitive team that participates in the USA Gymnastics Xcel program (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and the Women’s Junior Olympic (JO) program (L3+). Comp team is by invitation only and offers athletes an exciting and wonderful experience in the sport of competitive gymnastics. After a qualified coach evaluation, the coach determines the best placement within our entire program. If the time is right, coach will extend an invitation for a trial period on comp team, this gives everyone the experience necessary to make sure it’s the right fit for both the family and team.

Competitive Team Gymnastics requires a year-round commitment from both the family and athlete. Athletes have longer practice hours. Proper health & nutrition, good attitude, laser focus, passion, drive, perseverance, determination, strong family commitment & support including financial and fundraising (it’s expensive) are all necessary for a successful competitive experience.

Many team gymnasts have already decided that gymnastics will be their life. They want to train through elementary and middle school. They want to compete in high school and college. Because of their years of commitment and dedication, and more than anything else, the amount of hours they spend training, they generally tend to rise to higher levels and learn harder skills. All while learning to balance and prioritize academics and family with athletics.

When considering a child for a pre-development and competitive team program, coaches look for several traits including: physical strength, flexibility, basic gymnastics skills/fundamentals, motivation, coach-ability, family support, mental toughness and sportsmanship.

What is Xcel?

Pistols Girls Pre-Team (TUES & TH Mandatory) Coach evaluation required

XCEL TEAM Girls (Coach evaluation required)

Hot Shots Girls Pre-Team (TUES & TH Mandatory) Coach evaluation required

COMPETITIVE TEAM Girls (MON, WED & FRI Mandatory) Coach evaluation required