Boys Gymnastics

IMG_4083Boys recreational gymnastics promote motor skills development and self-confidence for school age boys from age 5 up through teen years. Boys love to move, and our school age boys program provides both excellent coaching and solid progressions that build body confidence. Success is built one day at a time with specific goals, repetition and a plan to get there. Our talented coaches are experts at breaking down complicated, sometimes scary skills into components that are achievable and less intimidating. Curriculum follows the USA Gymnastics safety guidelines.

Mobility in our Boys program typically flows like this:

1. YBB – Younger Boys Beginning (age 5+ beginner boys, no experience)
2. OBIB – Older Boys Intermediate (age 8+ w/experience & coach invitation)

Our boys mobility plan takes into account a student’s gymnastics experience level, athleticism, ability, body awareness, maturity and physical stature (important for station/equipment set-up). With a safety-first approach, we consider every student and their unique needs along with the needs of the class as a group.

Boys (5 - 7 yrs old)

Younger Boys Beginning Gymnastics classes offer boys ages 5-7 an introduction to basic gymnastics skills. Students learn basic gymnastics terminology, to focus, follow directions, try new activities, take on challenges, use their imagination to create basic body positions and movement. A solid gymnastics foundation is built with skills like cartwheels, handstands, rolls plus event basics on rings, bars, vault, floor, Tumbl Trak & trampoline.

Younger Boys Beginning ages 5+

Beginning Gymnastics Co-Ed

Boys (8+ yrs - teen)

Older Boys Beginning Gymnastics offers boys ages 8+ a beginning class that moves at a faster pace for more mature boys. A solid gymnastics foundation is built on skills like rolls, cartwheels, handstands plus event basics on rings, bars, vault, floor, Tumbl Trak & trampoline. Curriculum follows the USA Gymnastics safety guidelines.

Boys Intermediate Gymnastics (8+ yrs)

The Boys Intermediate classes are by invitation only and offer boys with gymnastics experience and more maturity, advanced skills at a faster pace. Classes available for age 8+ yr. olds.

Younger Boys ADVANCED Beginning ages 5+ (Coach evaluation required)

Older Boys ADVANCED Beginning ages 8+ (Coach evaluation required)

Trampoline & Tumbling TnT (8+ yrs - teen)

Learn trampoline & tumbling skills leading to upper level tumbling in a fabulous gym and receive amazing instruction. You’ll practice on an athletic bed trampoline, 40’ TumblTrak and spring floor, plus conditioning stations as part of the circuit. This is a structured learning environment that includes progressions as well as strength training. This is NOT a loose/open gym program. Beginners to advanced students. Traditional TnT gymnasts, Ski kids, cheerleaders and gymnasts welcome. Co-ed (boys & girls). Only forward rolls and cartwheel basics required to take class. Must be minimum age 8.