Preschool Gymnastics (3-5 yrs)

Beam Hoops Kids (March 2014 ErskinePhotography-0370) Coach Eugenie and Boy Trampoline (March 2014 ErskinePhotography-0409) Coach Yasuko and Abby Backward Roll (March 2014 ErskinePhotography-0401) Coach Yasuko and Abby Ladder Climb (March 2014 ErskinePhotography-9682) Coach Yasuko and Abby Springboard Jump (March 2014 ErskinePhotography-9680) Coach Yasuko and DB class Jump Poly Spots (March 2014 ErskinePhotography-9663)

Are you thinking of giving your preschooler the opportunity to take a gymnastics class? Gymnastics not only offers physical, social, and cognitive development, it enhances brain development too. Gymnastics is one of the best things you can give your kids. Preschool gymnastics develops motor skills and self-confidence for children ages 3 – 5 (no parent participation needed). This 50-minute transitional class challenges children in preschool with skills to prepare them for our boys and girls recreational school age programs. Young children love to be active and learn best through fun and play. Curriculum follows the USA Gymnastics safety guidelines. Come see what all the fun is about!   WATCH this fun video about the value of preschool gymnastics! Sure to make you smile before class.

Preschool Intro to Gymnastics (3-4 yrs)

Preschool Gym (ages 3-4) co-ed classes offer preschool students an introduction to basic gymnastics skills with a coach (no parents on the floor). Students learn to move, be independent, follow directions, use their imagination to create basic body positions and build body confidence. A solid gymnastics foundation is introduced with skills like rolls, cartwheels, handstands plus event basics on floor, bars, rings, beam, Tumbl Trak, trampoline & vault.

Kinder Gymnastics (5+ yrs) Co-Ed & Boys

Kinder Gym (age 5+) classes offer students, both co-ed and boys-only, an introduction to basic gymnastics skills. This 55-minute transitional class challenges young children with skills to prepare them for our girls and boys recreational programs. Students learn to focus, follow directions, try new activities, take on challenges while using their imagination to create basic body positions and movement. A solid gymnastics foundation is built with skills like cartwheels, handstands, rolls plus event basics on floor, bars, rings, beam, Tumbl Trak, trampoline & vault.

Beginning Gymnastics Co-Ed

Younger Boys Beginning ages 5+

Younger Boys ADVANCED Beginning ages 5+ (Coach evaluation required)

Tahoe Forest Hospital Children's Center TFHCC Students (2-5 yrs)

Truckee Gymnastics offers gymnastics off-site, at Tahoe Forest Hospital Children’s Center (TFHCC) on Tuesday mornings to students enrolled in their childcare program. This is an optional enrichment program for TFHCC families that choose to enroll. We set up a complete gym including padded floor, and bring gymnastics to the center. Students benefit from a weekly gymnastics program without hassle. You save time & energy driving to and from the gym and your child gains the amazing benefits of gymnastics at an early age. Your child builds full body confidence, fitness and fun all while laying a great foundation for any sport they take on in the future. Gymnastics remains one of the unique foundation sports for all other sports, building capable athletes right from the start.
Parents are amazed at the level of gymnastics young children learn at the center. Students may move on to gymnastics at the ‘big’ gym once they leave TFHCC to start kindergarten.