Cheer & Acrobatics

Do you LOVE to cheer? Cirque du Soleil…AcroArmy…then these are the classes for YOU!


Truckee High Cheerleaders practicing hard at Truckee Gymnastics. Join our new class!

Truckee High showing their school spirit!

Truckee High Cheer on Donner Summit!







NEW cheer program right hear in Truckee-Tahoe! In support of our wonderful local high school cheer programs, this class will help elevate your tumbling, air awareness, and confident energy! Non-competitive practice. Everyone is welcome. Co-ed ages 6+ through teens.


Experience hand balancing, foot balancing and partner contact with Coach Hannah Busha. You’ll practice balance and dynamic skills, leading up to routines with music that include a combination of tumbling, partner skills and individual skills with dance.

Those comfortable with the ‘tops’ position will balance holding a tuck, pike, straddle and other positions working up to straddle press to handstand and more advanced skills. ‘Bases’ will work with each other making the base position strong and stable, enough for the top to eventually perfect the pyramid and hold positions.

Dynamic skills are fast paced with a combination of throwing and catching the top in a precise manner making each movement gracefully beautiful and synchronized with partner support. Sports Acrobatics Gymnastics is unlike anything you have experienced. Come have fun and enjoy learning movement you have never experienced before.

Acro Hannah Busha Orange Pic

Acrobatics Flyer (9-12-18)


WATCH Coach Hannah Busha, USA Nationals July 2010
Senior Elite Womens Group Acro Dynamic Routine